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From the time I was eight, I was doing odd jobs in my dad’s print shop. By 15, I was operating a linotype machine. (For those of you who are unfamiliar with the linotype, click here.) In my early 20s, as a volunteer, I began producing cause-related materials. I have been “promoting the good work of others” ever since.

I have owned and operated a small type shop, was the designer for several small magazines, managed a large, urban type shop, designed materials for a natural foods company in London, and served as a graphic arts trainer in West Africa.

After my return from Africa, I met the future mother of my children, fell madly in love, and married. A week after our first child was born, I started DG Communications in the hallway of our Boston apartment. Once I saw my son’s face, I felt compelled to find a way to connect my interest in social and environmental change, my overwhelming desire to be home with my child, and my need to help support our growing family. Et voilà — two newborns in two weeks!

Now, my son has graduated college and my daughter is a high school senior. I have worked hard these 20+ years, collaborating with a whole lot of folks and hundreds of organizations to produce thousands of magazines, annual reports, websites, school bulletins, event programs, ads, flyers, brochures, posters, calendars, postcards, eblasts, project reports, capital campaign pieces, signs, books, identity packages, newsletters . . . etc., etc.

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