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Working with David has been the best experience I’ve ever had with a designer. He listens well, then works with me to create concepts that really fit the message we’re trying to convey. What I like best about David’s work is that it never looks “overdesigned”; his designs are simple, elegant, and clean, and he uses type with great effect. Our magazine and annual reports made giant leaps once we started working with David. His work is visually stunning, yet it isn’t “slick” and out of character with our organization. Finally, David is great to work with. Not only is he professional and extremely conscious of deadlines and budgets, but he’s a wonderful colleague. He’s friendly and fun, and he’s helped me do the best work I can.


Senior Editor

Farm Aid has worked with David for over 20 years. During that time, he has been incredibly easy to work with no matter what the project or the timeline. We often have last-minute changes in schedule or copy and he always manages to meet our needs for timeline, budget, and quality. He understands our mission as a nonprofit charity to promote ourselves with a clear and attractive image without looking slick or flashy. David has a unique ability to listen closely to our vague ideas and turn them into something concrete that meets our best expectations. His knowledge of the market has been extremely valuable whether we are creating a piece of direct mail, a newsletter, or even a four-color calendar — we often rely on him for the good advice he gives regarding design and marketing. With David you get a personal connection. He obviously cares deeply about his clients.


Development Coordinator

Working with David is always a pleasure. From the first piece he produced for AFSC — the prospectus for a new capital drive — David has had an intuitive grasp of how to bring our mission and values to life on paper. Since then he has produced our annual report, direct mail packages and several brochures. I always look forward to seeing what David will do with a project and he never fails to delight and surprise. As a highly consultative organization, a designer working for AFSC can often be overwhelmed with the amount of suggestions and feedback that he or she receives. David listens carefully and seems to understand what we want before we do.


Director of Donor Marketing

David was working with my predecessors before I joined the Lincoln Institute 15 years ago, and I quickly realized that he was indispensible. Our working relationship has grown over the years as Lincoln’s publications products have evolved, and each one is better than the last. David has helped me rethink some of our projects and offered useful art direction each step of the way. We now work regularly on a quarterly magazine and multiple policy reports that all get rave reviews. I look forward to new projects because I know it will be fun to work through the design and editing process together. I could not do my job without him!

Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

Director of Publications

I’ve worked with David for several years, and during that time he has always impressed me with his ability to intuit exactly what’s needed to make a project shine. He’s worked with us on books, quarterly journals, annual compilations, and a host of marketing and communication materials. His questions are spot on, he delivers excellent work on time, and his sense of humor makes the whole process enjoyable.

Society for Organizational Learning (SoL)

Managing Editor

The Northeast Document Conservation Center has depended upon the expert design services of David Gerratt and his staff for more than five years. He has designed all of our publications and completed a gorgeous redesign of our website. The look and feel of his designs suit our nonprofit’s mission to help libraries, archives, museums, and historical organizations preserve their cultural heritage collections. It is as if David and Amanda are an extension of our staff, part of our family — they are a pleasure to work with, prompt with deadlines, generous with advice, patient!, and expert with detail. The best part is that they truly get NEDCC. Some magic happens when we send David words and images — he makes it a whole; he presents the Center well with consistently beautiful designs.

Northeast Document Conservation Center

Marketing and Public Relations Manager

We think of DG Communications as a key partner in telling the story of Clean Energy Group (CEG) and the joint work of 18 state clean energy funds through the Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA). David has helped us think strategically about what we need to get out our message on new, innovative ways to finance the low carbon economy. He is a quick, conceptual thinker — he can capture the essence of our substantive mission in graphic approaches that give readers a deeper insight into our work. David’s contribution has helped us develop a full suite of communication products and planning. He has allowed us to reach many levels of readership, from the technically savvy to the layman, resulting in work that engages a broader audience for us. Each piece that David has designed has received positive and enthusiastic responses. We don’t know what we would do without him.



I have more than 30 years in the business, and David is, hands down, the best designer I have ever worked with. What does a general term like “best” mean? With David it means that he has a remarkable knack for presenting the right design in the first go-round. He listens closely, and uses his unique ability to translate my verbal ideas into powerful designs. His use of color is beautiful. David’s skill also means projects move forward in a timely manner. David has helped me time and time again find the most cost-effective way to get work done whether it be printed materials or online projects. In working together for many years, I also know he is a man of great personal integrity. I recommend him absolutely.

National Heritage Museum

Editor/Communications Consultant

In addition to his committed work for social change, David makes designs of great elegance, polish, and pizzazz for the arts. And I love working with David. He just gets it — who you are, how you want to present yourself, what your practical limits are — and then meets you with total empathy and playfulness. A real friend.


Executive Director

During my 15 years as a professional writer and editor, I have collaborated with a long list of designers on many different assignments. But when a new project arrives and I need a designer on my team, David is always the first person I call. Simply put, working with David is a joy. Talent is important, of course, but so are personality and work ethic. David knocks it out of the park on all three counts. I appreciate David's ability to translate a client's needs and wishes into a design (in print or for the web) that graphically captures the client's voice and mission. He shares my commitment to surpassing client expectations — meeting deadlines and staying on budget — while intelligently navigating any bumps in the road. And to top it all off, he laughs at my jokes. Why go anywhere else?

Pen & Press


In the nearly two decades that David and I have worked together, we have achieved a synergy and a collaborative respect that have allowed us to accomplish more, in tandem, than either of us could hope to accomplish individually. I feel that I provide the (hopefully) powerful raw material that he shapes into the appropriate form, giving added meaning and impact to the assignment at hand. On a personal note, I find working with David such a pleasure. His willingness to explore whatever idea I propose makes me willing to take risks in design. Together, we have won a number of awards for the School’s communications program. At this point, we each can complete each other’s thoughts, communicating in a language that transcends the spoken word.

Noble and Greenough School

Communications Director

It is a pleasure working with David. He is unusually cooperative, efficient, and quick, and makes sure that our work is finished on schedule. Most important, he understands the needs and purpose of nonprofits — I feel that he really understands my organization. When developing designs, he thinks not just about aesthetics but about the goals of a project. He provides useful advice on how we can shape our messages and fine-tune the content of our publications. This makes him an extremely valuable partner on publication projects.


Executive Director

David brings a special character to all he creates. He integrates graphics and editorial content to present an environment with dramatic and effective message impact. David’s depth and breadth of knowledge and experience makes him uniquely qualified to work creatively and effectively at all stages of project development. Consistently, the end results of his attention and efforts are carefully orchestrated, complete information packages designed to function productively and efficiently. David’s clients reap the harvest of communications programs that not only technically do the job but also go beyond to achieve audience connections through their own and very special personalities. We value these contributions and think of David as one of us.


Director of Business Development

Oxfam America has always had a powerful message, but we lacked a visual identity to match it. Fortunately, we found a designer with the clarity of vision to help us refine our thinking and translate it into a coherent design strategy. At a time when Oxfam was moving into the national spotlight, David’s understanding of our mission and our various audiences has helped us achieve unprecedented success. Plus, his strong relationships with printers has saved the agency a lot of money.


Publications Director

David is a crucial member of our team. We always appreciate his creativity, professional expertise, and patience. Not only does he offer excellent design services, he also understands our programs. With this understanding and skill, he brings our concepts to life and ensures the high quality of all our publications and web sites. We are fortunate to be working with such a talented person.

Lowell Center for Sustainable production

Program Director


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