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Over the past decade, DG Communications has produced more than 80 websites for small- and medium-sized nonprofit organizations and small businesses. Each client comes with unique needs and requirements, but many factors are common to all web projects. This page and the links to the right provide a brief description of the creative and production processes that are common to most. For those of you new to website development, we recommend you read all of the copy herein to help guide you through the initial production stages.

Initial Contact

Hopefully, many of your basic questions about how we manage most website projects will be answered by reading these pages. Please feel free to email dg@dgcommunications.com or call (978.635.9664) us to discuss your specific needs.

There are several factors that influence whether working together makes sense. Before contacting us, these are a few things to consider:

  1. Have you viewed samples of our work and liked them?
  2. Did we come recommended by a trusted colleague?
  3. Have you read the testimonials on our site to get a better idea of who we are?

Once you have decided to get in touch, these are some of things we need to establish early in our conversation:

  1. Can we provide what you need in the timeframe in which it is required?
  2. Does your budget cover your needs?
  3. What will you be providing? Where does your work end and ours begin?
  4. Is this a new site or a reconstruction?
  5. Do you feel that we understand your needs and can help promote you in ways that are consistent with your organizational goals?
  6. And, possibly most important, do you like us?

Please fill out our questionnaire to provide us with the detailed information we’ll need to move forward. It should take only a few of minutes to complete.

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